Smoother playback

• Feb 14, 2021 - 00:01

I'm fairly new to MuseScore, but I like it a lot. I have created a piano piece that has triplets in the left hand and slurred quarter notes and half notes in the right. When I play it back everything sounds staccato, like the half and whole notes aren't being held long enough. Is there an adjustment I should be making?

Thanks much!



The slurring only makes it so that each note is played exactly to the end of its duration and no more. If you want the playing particularly legato, then you will have to adjust note lengths in the pianoroll editor.

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There is nothing staccato here, just normal playing. Slurring on piano doesn't really change anything, it's more a conceptual marking than anything with a really specific literal meaning that changes sound. As opposed to how slurs work on wind or string instruments, where it tells the performer something quite specific about how to use the tongue or bow.

Maybe you really want to add a pedal marking? That would change the sound, perhaps in a way you'd want. Certainly any pianist playing this piece would be likely to add oedal themselves.

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