Volta Brackets invisible (with work around)

• Feb 15, 2021 - 03:06

With the attached file in MuseScore 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 the volta bracket lines are invisible (the volta numbers DO show!) after opening the file (and will not print either) until i do the following workaround:
for each volta,
select the volta by clicking on the still-visible number
in the inspector, click on Line ->Line Style (which reads "continuous") and select something else e.g. dashed.
Then repeat Line -> Line Style and select "continuous".
The lines of volta bracket are now visible and will print!
(repeat for each volta)
Clicking save works as usual, however on closing and reopening the file the problem occurs again.
Also, When "saved on-line", the brackets are invisible on the web page.

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Ah, I see, Format > Style > Volta > Line style is set to nothing for some reason, setting it to Continuous there seems to solve the problem.

It was recorded in the score as:
<voltaLineStyle>1</voltaLineStyle> is Continuous and, as being the default, won't get written.
OTH the voltas are all explicitly set to
<lineStyle>1</lineStyle>, but that apparently doesn't get honored, at least not after close/reopen.

So how did that bogus style setting get into that score?

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Thank you, Jojo

I swear i did not previously change Format -> Style ->Volta -> Line Style ... i was not even aware of it.
In fact, "invisible" is not a provided option.
But setting it to "continuous" there indeed provides a permanent fix.

Since the problem only showed up after re-opening the file, it is hard to say what i might have done that lead to the corruption.

Just for kicks, i changed the line style of just one of the voltas to "dashed" and sure enough after saving
and re-opening, the line style shows up as solid instead of dashed.
I looked in the unzipped file and it has lineStyle set to 2, but somehow this is being ignored when the file is read in, as you noticed. When i write it out again and unzip again, it is written with lineStyle omitted for that volta,
so it is indeed lost.

So basically there are two bugs:

  1. Somehow the overall volta line style got set to 0 == invisible without me having done anything explicit.

  2. Volta line style that is set per volta is NOT being read back from the file when it is opened and thus is lost.

I guess the option to change the volta line style for a single volta isn't one that gets used much :~)

Thanks again!
-Ted Merrill

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I know that you won't have set it to empty, but the question still is what is it you might have done to cause this?
And yes, it is actually 2 bugs for the price of one, special spring sale ;-)

And actually, come to think of it maybe "None" really should be an option (not "", empty though)

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Got me curious, so i cloned the master branch for musescore and, after getting the right qt installed, built it (installed into a completely separate part of the directory tree).
On opening the file i sent you with my newly built binary, the volta brackets initially appear ok.
But all i have to do is Format -> Style -> Cancel (i.e. not change anything) and the brackets disappear!
(btw Format -> Style -> Volta -> Line Style showed the line style as "continuous").
Format -> Style -> Volta -> Line Style -> (reset icon) does nothing.
With Format -> Style -> Volta -> Line Style -> Dashed the brackets show up solid (not dashed)...
that could of course be because they are overridden for each volta.
Unfortunately i can't figure out how to get the new inspector to work to examine or change that.

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Okay, got and made the 3.x branch.
Obviously your fixes aren't in the branch yet.
I added a call to readStyledProperty as your pull request stated and it does ensure that the line style change to a particular volta survives save and reopen.
An interesting education in musescore internals!

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