change instrument without transposing

• Feb 15, 2021 - 09:08

Hi all,
I know there are entries askingmore or less the same, but pls let me explain my specific situation.
I convert scores from paper using a special software that doesn't associate the correct instrument to it.
The way to pass its output to MuS is via an XML file. Once in MuS it thinks by default that's .
When I change the instrument under MuS, automatically it transposes, which in this specific case is not needed since the notes are already written for the right instrument.
Any solution or should I ask for a new feature?


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When I do that not all notes seem to be going back exactly at what they were.
On the other side I've tested a workaround which seems to work.
I've copied into the original XML file the [...] group of lines that MuS assign to that instrument.

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