key signature for orchestral score

• Feb 15, 2021 - 12:50

I'm actually working on a score from John Williams (Jurassic Park).
The score is written without any key signature. Even the transpositing instruments have no sharps on their key signatures.
When having a look a the score, all the B and E are flat, so we must be in Bb major.
But in fact, all the flats and sharps are written along the score. Not on the key signature.
I thought it was written in concert pitch, but I was wrong since the transpositing instruments (Bb clarinets, F Horns, Bb trumpets) are transposed.
So when there's a note on the F horn staff, it plays a fifth below. But there is no F# on the F horn Key signature, so if the written note is a F, it must be read as a natural F (and a C will be listened). If I want a F#, I must had a sharp.

See below the very first measures of that score as it is written :


In Musescore, I'll have to write :


You see that I have to add naturals to my F to make them sound Bb and not B.
How can I do that in musescore ?

If I want to make a mockup of this score, I'll have to transpose on the fly. Good exercise, but... 22 pages. It's pretty tough !


If you hold down control you can apply a key signature to a single staff. So, if you want to get rid of that pesky key signature on the horn, hold control and drag onto it the key signature that cancels out the key signature that it wants to have.

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