Update score without losing statistics & score rating.

• Feb 16, 2021 - 19:20

I have lost the link between my score on my PC & the copy on Musescore. I want to update the score without losing the statistics and score rating. If I update from the https://musescore.com/my-scores update function, will I retain the statistics and score rating?


Grab the link of the score from musescore.com, from the 'share' button. Copy it, past it into File > Score properties > source in MuseScore on your PC, then save online and leavd the 'update existing score' ticked.

But upüdating int for the 'update this score directly' should keep everything too. Still the above mentioned method is recommended and easier in the long run

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I was able to update the score on line as you suggested. I noticed that the PC copy has the "new" source URL link so when I try to update on line from my PC copy, it tries to create a new score on line. .... won't trigger the "update existing score" check box.

Do I just be happy with the result and abandon this or report as a bug?

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It seems this problem still exists. I have tried to update my score Soomeday my prince will come https://musescore.com/user/4506351/scores/6611963. As before in this thread, saving on-line from my desktop uploads a new copy. I am not able to update from within Musescore using the score replace function. I downloaded the existing score and did a copy & paste of the source address from the downloaded score properties to my new desktop version. Even with the new source address, saving on-line does not trigger the dialogue box that says it is updateing an existing score. The source address of the existing score that I want to update is http://musescore.com/scores/frank-churchill/some-day-my-prince-will-com….
Any suggestion on how to update the existing score without losing stats?

I have attached the new score that I want to upload to replace the existing score on line.

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the score you attached here it its score proerties has "http://musescore.com/scores/frank-churchill/some-day-my-prince-will-com…" but in order to update the existing score on musescore.com would need to have "https://musescore.com/user/4506351/scores/6611963" there? That is the URL musescore.com shows in the browser when opening either https://musescore.com/user/4506351/scores/6611963 or http://musescore.com/scores/frank-churchill/some-day-my-prince-will-com…

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"That's indeed how it should look"
But unfortunately since the introduction of the "new" URL format, you never know which format you are going to get from the Share button.

Sometimes the URL tries to combine the "nice" title of the score with the "new" multi-digit identifier:

Sometimes you get the "traditional" format with clear user ID and score ID:

This horrible mess was well described by @BSG as URL chaos - see this thread on "Improving Musescore.com":

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