restoring correct playback on an imported midi file

• Feb 19, 2021 - 15:39


Some months back I asked the question on how to restore dynamics on an imported Midi file. You sent me instructions that worked very well -- up to now that is. After choosing ' Select all similar......' and then opening Inspector, (F8). the part near bottom about Velocity and velocity type appeared and I clicked on the each of the darkened circular arrows with the 'X'. This greyed them out and it solved the problem and I could change the dynamics of the notes in the stave.

Now all of a sudden a much shortened Inspector menu appears and the 'Velocity type' an 'velocity' do not appear , so I cannot change the dynamics . This is something new, as even older files after your initial instruction show only the shortened Inspector menu. Can you help please.




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Thanks for responding so soon,, but unfortunately no,

I do exactly what I did before, I select a note head , then select all similar elements - all the note heads throughout the whole score go blue, as they did previously. , I open the Inspector and only the shortened menu appears.

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