Slur going from treble to bass clefs and back again

• Feb 22, 2021 - 23:06


Does anyone know how to get a slur that encompasses all notes in a bar that starts in the treble clef goes down to the bass and then back up all in one sweep?
I've read stuff about going from one clef to another but not back again and I can't get it to work or look good in the score.
See examples in bars 3, 4 and 5. What I want is something that looks like bar 5 but goes beneath the bass clef. When I try to stretch the slur there it adds space between the clefs rather than encompassing the bass notes. Bar 6 is the only way I can get it to (kinda) work but it doesn't look good and is obviously 2 slurs rather than the one.


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seleziona la legatura poi, in Ispettore togli il segno di spunta a posizionamento automatico ; così facendo potrai regolare la legatura senza problemi.
Vedi allegato .
Buona Musica.

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One way to do this is to use cross staff notation. See

The idea is that you put all the notes you want covered by the slur on the same staff. Add the slur and then move the notes you want to appear on the other staff using CTRL + SHIFT + UP or DOWN. The slur will probably look very wonky at first but you can shape it nicely using its various handles.

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Thanks for the reply. Sadly I get the same issue with this approach as seen in my bar 5 example above and then have the added issue of no rests appearing for the treble clef and the rests still being there for the bass clef. I could hide these obviously and add in a second voice and implode but ultimately I'd still need to untick the automatic placement checkbox for the slur so I might as well stick with that solution.

Thanks anyway.

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