Parallel MuseScore installations allowed?

• Feb 24, 2021 - 20:26

Under MacOS I currently I have MuseScore 3.52 and MuseScore testing/beta installed.

It possible to install the latest 3.6 and simultaneously retain my 3.5 installation?

Is there a link for a MuseScore 4.0 testing download, or is that installable only by compiling locally?




It is apparently possible to have multiple installations on macOS by moving / renaming the old one. But there is no advantage in keeping 3.5.2 around, and it's more likely to just cause confusion unless you are already an expert sysadmin - and in which case, you wouldn't have to ask how to do it :-). I commend simplifying your life and just removing the previous installations and always just keeping the current, unless you're attempting to do development work that requires having older versions around as well.

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there are an few reasons for that:
the first one that comes in mind for me is that the old xml export isnt there anymore so JJazzlab cant open the chordsheets anymore ( I know that this is a problem of these programs but we have to live with this)
when opening a Lute tablature (imported from capella or midi then changed to tablature with an older mausescore version) there are strange things when you want to change the ryhthm of the tabs (it was somewhere in the forum)....

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Different format, is compressed MusicXML (.mxl) vs. outdated and uncompressed MusicXML (.xml) vs uncompressed MusicXML (.musicxml) (where the latter 2 are identical format-wise).

Should not make any difference contentwise, if JJaazzlab doesn't import them the same, that program has a bug. MuseScore imports the chord symbols for both

Those 2 files are different content-wise BTW. Not as far as chords or chord symbols are concerned though

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it was a joke
i know that we cannot do anything with the problems of other programs (only tell them the problems + wait)
I only want to tell that there are some cases where the most easy way is to have the last version where some features are working better ore more easy (for some most of the time very special cases!!) but to use the newest version for the daily work

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to be clear i mean jjazzlab
before musescore I worked with sibelius and after tablature (long time ago) was included in musescore I really dont miss sibelius. Even if some (little ) things are missing (mostly for plucked instruments) it is a great program with great flexibility and the really great help in the forums

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I'm not understanding. Are you suggesting you believe the same score would export to MusicXML differently using 3.5.2 versus 3.6.2? I am not aware of any changes to how chord symbols are exported, and any other changes were to fix bugs in some relatively obscure corner cases that wouldn't affect most scores. There should be no difference whatsoever in the MusicXML export for a simple score like the example shown. If you believe otherwise, can you attach the actual MSCZ file so we can investigate?

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the solution was extracting the mxl to xml (like described above thanks).
but this is a good argument to first also keep an old version in back hand where everything used to work
(at least if the problems are solved) I am shure that I am not the only one with this (most of the other things I managed to solve by myself or with the great help in the forum) but as I work daily with musescore (and other music programs ( most of them freeware so that my students could also use them) it is importent that eyerything works if you need it not only after some time of searching etc

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There surely have been a couple MusicXML fixes in 3.6.2 (vs 3.5.2) but none that would make any difference between whether the export is to .xml, .musicxml or .mxl. So keeping 3.5.2 for the purpose or XML export surely is just not needed.
Keeping an older version handy might be useful though (and esp. with every *.0 version), and with the PortableApps this is pretty easy (but only possible since 3.5.0). Useful too is keeping 2.3.2 and 1.3 installed in parallel.

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Again, if you believe there is a problem with MsuicXML export, we would love to investigate it, but we cannot do so without your score and precise steps to reproduce the problem,. All I can do if verify that when I try it, the exported MusicXML is quite literally identical - there are no differences here.

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no as said before it was a fault of mine unextracting the mxl file to xml was the problem. Often the problems are that something works different in new versions and after some time especially with the great help of the forum but in the meantime it is good to keep an older version for such special cases.

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