• Feb 25, 2021 - 11:45

I am using Musescore 3:4 so I can't speak for later versions.
But if it has not been done, I would like to see the steelpan, a percussion instrument
that originated in Trinidad and Tobago, included in the list of instruments available
for use on Musescore.


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It's been in versions for years as far as I know. Are you looking in the instrument list (Edit / Instruments) or the sounds list (in View / Mixer)? In the instrument list, just type "steel" into the search box. In the Mixer, type "ste" while viewing the dropdown list to jump directly to instruments starting with that. You'll see steel guitar and steel drums.

But in any case, even if steel drums are present, be sure to update, the current version fixes hundreds of bugs that 3.4 would still have.

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I have been clicking on Percussion(pitched-unpitched and body) and not finding anything about the pan.
I did not think about doing a search. Thank you for that.

"Be sure to update"
Do not forget that I updated to 3:5 and reverted to 3:4 when things were not working out fine.

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3.6.2 is the current version, give it a try.

And steel drums are in MuseScore since ages (even in 1.x, I just checked), just not in the list of common instruments, so look in all, or just enter "steel" into the search field (not sure that existed in 3.4 already).

And no, we surely don't keep book which user is using what version and for which reasons.

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It could be you encountered some sort of bug in 3.5, but that was already half a dozen releases ago. Probably whatever bug you were encountering was fixed long ago, along with hundreds of others you are still stuck with now. Please update, it's much easier to help people when they aren't still using known buggy versions.

EDIT: but if you are referring to, it is quite apparent this is not a bug in the software but simply a problem with the installation. Reinstalling the current version would absolutely fix that.

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All the more reason to update - otherwise you'll continually run up against bugs that were fixed months ago, plus you'll have the headache of not being able to view or hear scores by created correctly, etc. And the headache getting advice from people here that might not apply to your older version, leaving you further confused. Way way way way simpler to just do the update rather than allow yourself to get further and further behind.

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That would happen only for scores imported from older versions. It's the choice you made during import, whether to apply the new scores, that you are being asked to save. I certainly recommend saving your choice, but you are free to decline to save and instead decide again next time you open it.

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