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• Feb 26, 2021 - 09:00

I have previously asked about the possibility of markers in a MuseScore score - but this has been answered partly at least by the use of Rehearsal Marks. Maybe this is not a perfect or comprehensive solution to some problems, but it is a useful thing to know about.

What would make a marker system even more useful would be the equivalent of a contents list and an index.
Currently I use sections of scores to try out ideas rather than having a new score for each idea. It would be very useful to be able to have a contents list or index of all the ideas in a score. Note that rehearsal marks might not quite do the job, as presumably each rehearsal mark should be unique, whereas it is possible that - just as in a written text - the same idea might occur in more than one location.


Tried the Timeline? With that you can easily find and jump to certain place in ypour score, be it rehearsal marks, section, key- or time signature changes, repeats and jumps, etc.

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Thanks for the suggestion, which may turn out to be useful. However I do feel that's not quite what I was looking for. I was hoping for a way of searching for a named location, which a contents list or index could enable.

Rather than having code which deals with just one aspect of the whole software suite, sometimes generic code which could have wide ranging applicability would actually be more useful, and better - IMO - of course.

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What is it about rehearsal marks and the time line that don't achieve what you want? You can have any text you like as a rehearsal mark. This seems to give you what you want as your "named location" and you can duplicate those as many times as you like. They all show up in the timeline as you have entered them and can be clicked on to take you to their location in the score. See this example.


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