Add pedal shortcut?

• Feb 27, 2021 - 21:06

I think a lot of musescore users do piano scores, and pedaling is a very important part of scoring - while it is true that most classical compositions do not have pedal marks, because a lot of musescore is shared via playback, adding pedaling is almost a must. The lack of shortcut would save so much time. I know some composer who wrote over 100 piano pieces, and they have to click the measure, then the pedal icon from the palette, for all of these pieces...

In Sibelius one can assign a keyboard shortcut to the add pedaling option - which just saves so much time.

Thanks for your consideration!


Are you aware that there is a keyboard shortcut to "Apply current pallet item". The default is ALT+P which is rather unfortunate as ALT+P on my system opens the Plugin menu. But you can redefine it to be something unused elsewhere. I have it as ALT+#. This means I can add one pedal line by clicking on the pallet. This makes the line the "current pallet item" and then can select a range, ALT+#, select, ALT+#, etc. as many times as I like.

The same technique can be used for any other pallet item of course. This is a bit more flexible than having a dedicated shortcut for each pallet item. Just pedal markings would use up 6 shortcuts to cover all the different varieties.

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