Cannot select Notes in my Score and MuseScore selects a text instead

• Mar 2, 2021 - 16:50

Hi, I will try explain what is happening. Hoping there is a solution for this.

I started a new score by importing an MusicXml file.
I have been updating the score, assign correct instruments, some edits...etc.
Since my last edit this morning, I can no longer selects notes in after a certain measure in the score.
Or if I select a note, Musescore just decided I select a different note.

Try these steps to reproduce:
- Open the score
- Scroll to the last page
- Click the written C in the second measure for the top system

Musescore does not select the note, however Voice 1 icon is now enabled (usually happens when selecting a note)
Status bar indicates: Text: 25
Checking in the score, I can see the Page Numbers for the Odd pages are selected.
Page number 25 (should be the page) is also not shown in the score.

Seems Page Numbering is really weird, as some numbers are shown and others are not.

Seeking advise how to recover from this so I can use the score again and complete it.

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34

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Cornets A-GO-GO!-Score2.mscz 97.84 KB

Comments now, after placing the above post, the score seems to work again. Previously I did close/restart/reboot/etc....all without making a difference. Hope it was a temporary glitch on my system.

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Now...I remember a trick Marc mentioned in one of his Cafe's. When I click the first time, the text is selected.
When I then press the CTRL key and click again the Note is selected.
As if Musescore believes the measure numbers are covering the full page/score.
I had already done a reset to default for the Page settings and also performed that action for all styles.

Anyone got a hint on how to ensure the Page numbers are just clickable where they shoud?

What I found is that when I double click outside the music on a page I got the style dialog shown for header/footer texThis only seems to happen for me in this score. In the default "my first score" this is not happening.

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The described behavior is indeed consistent with what would happen if the header/footer is stretched across the page.

I've so far tried 3 times to open your score in two different sessions and they were all happy :(

If this happens again, make sure to also check the Page Settings to see if the margins somehow got screwed up.

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Page numbers should not be clickable, really, because you can do anything with them. Recently something was implemented to make right-click work, and also double-click, but regular single click never should have been enabled. To me it's a bug that it appears to work, but it's a harmless one normally.

In the score you posted, I don't have any issue double-clicking outside the music area. Which is to say, nothing happens if I do. Only if I double-click directly on a page number does the header/footer dialog appear. Are you talking about a different score? Or if there some particular location of some particular page on this one that you mean? I can verify it for the specific area where the page number would have appeared on the first page.

Is this the correct score? I go to the last page, but there is only one system, and there are no C's in the second measure of any instrument that I can see.

One other thing I can recommend if you are encountering "page number encroachment" - consider changing your header text style (in Format / Style / Text Styles / Header) to use a negative offset, thus placing the page number within the margin rather than overlapping the score area. Probably this should have been the default.

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Thank you for the time looking at/checking this for me.

This is the correct score. I just download from the link here to confirm. The last page top section, shown in the screeenshot. The red circled note is the one I "try" to click. The blue circled area is where I double and then get the style dialog displayed.
Using a negative offset, only moves the headertext pagenumber in the even pages into the margin. In the odd pages it is moving the text in the same direction. Guess one of them should be applied "reversed" when double sided is enabled in page setting (as that is mirroring the margins).

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Guess what....after working perfectly fine since the factory reset, today the issue is back again.
I may have changed that proximity setting in the past but only made it smaller (if I remember correct).

Also changing the page numbers and apply a vertical offset, did not help.
The strangest thing is (I guess) that when I open the score first, the "white" space at the first page is not responding to the click/double click. However after moving the last page and selecting the note (which then selects the page number) and go back to the first page. Also the "white" space in the first page is selecting that same page number (25).

Not sure what else to do, a part from accepting this behaviour for now. I can use CTRL + click to select the items I need and I am almost done with the score. Just hope this issue is only with this score.

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And for what it is indeed seems an issue with some page number text boxes.
See this screenshot. I have enabled the rectangular box in style settings for the headertext. Page number 13 has a nice box just around the number, while page 14 (selected) you can see covering the whole page and even more. While some page are not even showing the page number at all.

Please note the screenshot is not taken from the attached musescore file, as in the meanwhile I added one page (title page) that it. Hence the page 13/14 shown here are 12/13 in the uploaded score.

Most annoying I noticed a side effect of this. When I click somewhere in page 14, it selects the text (can see that in the status bar). I then do ctrl + click until a note is selected. Right-click to use the "select more" option...this still believes the Text item is selected. Also it seems to be impossible to select an entire measure now. Unfortunately it seems there is no shortcut I can define for selecting an entire measure.

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Good thinking on the frame option!
I did so as well (adding highlight even for further clarity), but so far have not seen this bug triggered on my system :(

I'm wondering if it would magically "fix" itself if a full score re-layout is triggered. Marc probably knows of an easy user action that results in such a relayout.

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Thanks for testing. After reading this I went back into an old thread/post (for v2) as in that the relayout trigger was discussed as well. a ctrl+A would be sufficient (in v2). However I do believe I have seen developers comments in 3.6 that the relayout has been update to only do this when required.
So after spending time reading (and before I started reading I opened my score and it showed the wrong text box for the page numbers), I went back to Musescore and got surprised as the layout was suddenly changed. Boxes around page numbers were back to normal and no odd selecting anymore. That is...until I closed and opened the score. I have also tried switching to continous view and back to page view without luck.

Going back into the above thread....also stumbled across a text related to "FreeType" and then I remembered I have modified the qt.conf file and commented out the fontengine line (I had done this to be able to use some fonts I have on my system which did not show in Musescore with that setting enabled).
Now uncommented that line in qt.conf and the score is displaying normal.

I will most like do some more testing to see if the behaviour keeps being consistent now and see if changing back will introduce the issue again.

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Ah, somehow I missed that note. The fact that it's a C# not a C is my poor excuse :-) But anyhow, I can click it just fine. But it is true that there is a very small zone somewhere above and to the right of this note that corresponding to the exact middle of the page and if you manage to double-click that exact spot (I couldn't no matter how I tried) you could indeed get active the code that detects you are clicking the header.

As for moving the page number into the margin, I actually meant moving it up. Hadn't considered moving it sideways, and indeed, there probably isn't a way to do that.

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