Export MIDI Files for QRS Pianomation

• Mar 2, 2021 - 23:14

My QRS Pianomation CD or Compact Flash appears not to recognise *.MID files in the root directory as it should. I suspect it might require MIDI files of Type I.
Can you export MIDI Type I files from Musescore?
Have you any advice of Folder/filename structure for QRS Pianomation?


I have purchased a USD MIDI adaptor and plugged this into the QRS Pianomation head controllers MIDI IN port and the audio jack for the amp/speaker into the lapbook. Works perfectly with Musescore. Piano has to be Channel 1, Port 1 and Volume way down around 5/127. However there seems to be a bug in the Musescore>Preferences>I/O form for the MIDI Latency field. The default value is 0ms and not matter what changes are made to this value Apply/Okay does not save the value change and no change to the alignment between the piano and the soundfonts via the speaker.

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