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• Mar 3, 2021 - 09:55

I'm just wondering if there's a feature in MuseScore3 where when the notes, bass and chords play the lyrics are coloured over the same colour as the notes, as in Music Notes for paid sheet music??


I'm not totally sure I understand, but it sounds like you are talking about creating music in which notes and other elements are different colors? The notes can be colored using the "colornotes" plugin, or manually using the Inspector. For text, the Inspector works. Probably it would be possible to adapt the colornotes plugin - or write another - to do whatever it is you ware wanting. But you'd need to provide a more complete description of what you mean in order for anyone to help further. Maybe a picture of the look you want.

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this is what I meant sorry, this is a free sheet music from the Music Notes app, the Note and the chord name is red at the same time as the lyric, I was wondering when the note or chord is play if the lyrics would also be coloured at the same time so you could read/sing along with the lyrics at the same time the notes are played??

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That score shows a single red note and a single red text - that's what you want? You can do that using the Inspector. But maybe you mean, the colors change during playback? That's not a thing in MsueScore, it's more for producing the sheet music, not so much being a practice aid. Not that such features couldn't be added someday, just as some cars have mini-fridges built into them, but not something that is part of the core purpose of MuseScore.

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Yes, but I was wondering if the text could be coloured at the same time the notes were being play so you read along with the lyrics in time, in case you had multiple versus you wanted to see which lyrics were being played. But I’m guessing that’s a Music Notes app feature

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