Bach's Fantasia in C minor - mistakes in the score

• Mar 3, 2021 - 11:51

I paid for and downloaded Bach's Fantasia in C minor to learn for a performance. However, there were noticeable mistakes in the score (some wrong notes, accidentals). When I told them that I wanted a refund because of this, they just kept mum about this..............I guess I won't be getting my $$ back



How did you manage to pay for and download an individual score? I wasn't aware that this useful option even existed. I don't see pricing on any scores.

To add to all of the above; you did not "buy a score" at all.

You payed a subscription to a file sharing service that then allows you to download user-contributed non-quality guaranteed transcriptions and arrangements of some copyright protected works. No money was required to download similar user-contributed non-quality-guaranteed transcriptions of Public Domain works, when those are labeled correctly.

So all your money got you was the right to download the exact version of the score that you could entirely review on that site for free beforehand (and thus spot the mistakes made by that user).

I guess the "EPIC FAIL" here is not being aware what you pay for?

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