Adding Expression to musescore notes.

• Mar 3, 2021 - 18:49

I'm under the impression that when a person inputs notes into Musescore via mouse or computer, versus a touch sensitive midi piano keyboard, there is no way to add back the expression that would have been picked up by the touch sensitive midi piano. But...why can't we have virtual expression wheels to add back the expression after the notes are inputed via mouse or computer keyboard? Does this "after the fact" virtual expression wheel(s) exist in existing DAWs?


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I don't think it's accurate to say film composers necessarily use modulation wheels. Those who base their work on synthesizers, yes, but I doubt John Williams for example has ever touched on in his life :-).

Anyhow, mod wheels can be programmers to do lots of different things, not just change velocity, but that's a function of real-time performance software, something you'd program into a DAW. It's not really something all that relevant to notation software, except to the extent that particular program decides to add DAW-like features. This is something you're starting to see indeed, so over time you'll see more and more of it, and most likely MueScore will have some features in this area at MuseScore 4. but still, if you're really wanting that level of control, probably you want to use a DAW. Use MuseScore to create the arrangement, the DAW to tweak the performance of it.

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Just read up on it. Modulation wheel works with sound samples that are comprised of layers. So by moving the mod wheel down, you cross fade into a softer sample. Move the mod wheel further down, you are crossfading to an even quieter sample layer.

So I suppose mod wheel doesn't work with soundfonts because they are not made of layers?

If so, maybe Musecore should have a library of layered samples.

In addition, composers use a vibrato wheel. Not sure if that can work with soundfonts or just with samples.

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Mod wheels, as I said, can be programmed to do lots of different things. The specific thing you describe here is probably not in the top 10 of most common things it could potentially be programmed to do, but indeed, on some synthesizers of DAW software, that is probably possible. Best to investigate which provide that functionality if that is important to your workflow.

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