Misleading title?

• Mar 4, 2021 - 18:36

Hey guys,
I do not have a natural(feel) for shuffle/swing rhythms.
I tried to rework an old melody to shuffle/swing and named the song accordingly.
If I have achieved what I set out to do the name would be appropriate.
If not, the name will have to be changed.
So was I successful or not?

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I would say the rhythms sound fine, but they are notated completely wrong, making them all but unrecognizable. Try turning on the metronome and you'll hear how far off it is. The first eighth is a pickup, for one thing, then each quarter-eighth pair should be a single beat - either by notating using those exact note values in 6/8, or using triplets in 4/4, or - the best choice really - notating as simple eighth notes but adding the "swing" text to get a "triplet feel".

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The music is good as is, so is the title - just the notation needs work.

But yes, to me as a person reading this kind of music often, the best notation by far for swing or shuffle is eighths. Only resort to triplets or compound meter (6/8 or 12/8) if you know your audience isn't already familiar with this style at all. In that case, I'd probably go with triplets.

Note the "swing" text defaults to only a 60/40 ratio of first to second eighth, whereas what you have is 66/33. So if you want it that exaggerated, you can right-click the text and use System Text Properties to change the ratio.

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