Some staves not playing on opening or when I export

• Mar 5, 2021 - 02:59

Today I sent an old Musescore file from an older computer and some of the parts won't play back until I click on a note in the score and they never show up in an exported file such as MP3. Already did factory reset, updated Musescore, and tried redownloading the file.

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I'm guessing you developed this with a non-default soundfont and selected various different sounds in it. For example, the tenor 2 is set to the instrument piano but the sound of a synth brass. You'll want to go through each staff to make sure the instrument (set in Staff/Part Properties) is consistent with the sound you want to use. Or figure out what sundfonts you were using before and be sure to load them again on the new computer.

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Well, definitely the mismatch I mentioned is a problem, and would be on any computer. However, the mismatch might not have been a problem in an older version of MuseScore that didn't support single note dynamics. So you could indeed have gotten into a situation where the sound chosen wasn't compatible with a feature MuseScore didn't support yet, and not known there was a problem until MuseScore started supporting the feature.

Anyhow, if you're otherwise happy with the sound assignments, the solution will be to fix the instrument assignments to match, or just toggle the "use single note dynamics" settings as needed, to make sure you don;t have a stave set to use them but using a sound that doesn't support them, or vice versa.

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