Delay control

• Mar 5, 2021 - 23:41

The more instruments we add to a score the more it is likely that their frequencies interfere with each other and some of them start to vanish in the mix. One small tweak to deal with that unpleasant effect is to add different delays in milliseconds to each one of them.
Please, add to the mixer a delay control for each channel just like now we have volume, reverb, etc.
Thank you.


Another way is to use a different sound(font/bank) for a different version of such an instrument. Or to slightly detune one of them.

The Piano Roll Editor allows offsetting the start/end moments of notes; though I'm not so sure how/if it handles updating a complete staff/voice at once.

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Currently I add delay selecting all notes on a staff, going to piano roll and changing on time patameter. It helps to avoid instruments with similar frequencies reducing the power of each others, such as bass vs kick drum, when they play together. But this is not the ideal method because if I neef the on time to create arpeggi on that staff, like in a piano or guitar, I cant use it to create delay.
Having a delay control would be very helpful.

Indeed I have noticed some notes on some instruments just disappear - though the effect is not unpleasant, but it is worrying to notice that sometimes flute notes above an oboe just don't register at all. It probably wouldn't happen with a real ensemble, but happens with virtual instruments probably because some have shared overtones, as well perhaps as maybe a psycho-acoustical masking effect becomes invoked.

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