Changing velocity type

• Mar 7, 2021 - 08:55

I am revisiting my first score to bring it up to MS3 format from MS2 and I have noticed that velocity type is user. I want to update the main dynamic from mf to f and to change the velocity type to Offset. Can I just change these values and expect the score dynamics to sound right or do I need to make other changes?


Dynamics themselves don't have user/offset options, so presumably I assume you mean the values on the notes themselves.

If there's no actual value (or a dummy value of 0) inside the option for user or offset velocity, then the change should make no difference because no effect is being applied. Offset velocity means that the value in that box is applied as a percentage increase/decrease offset from the current dynamic velocity: an offset of 20 is "20% louder", etc. User velocity means that the note ignores score dynamics completely and will play whatever velocity is specified in that box.

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Yes, I mean the values on notes. Voice 1 has no specific velocity so presumably takes it from the mf at the start of be score. Voice 2 to has some user values at 80 and others at 70. I want to make the initial dynamic f but I'll have to deal with these user values since you indicate that they are absolute rather than relative.

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