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• Mar 7, 2021 - 19:15

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I tried to search if this is already answered but didn't find the solution. Sometimes I'm writing Jazz sheets in MuseScore and the chords are not using only one but multiple extensions. So it's something like Gb with extensions 7, 9 and +11 and Db in the bass. When I try to enter such a chord it doesn't look very "readable". Is there something I'm missing?

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There should only be one slash, between the chord and the bass note. No slashes within the chord. Also, you shouldn't list both he 7 and 9 - 9 always implies 7. So the correct way to write that chord is simply Gb9#11/Db. That's assuming you mean the "+" to mean sharp - it's ambiguous and not recommended for that reason. If you actually meant the other meaning of "+" - "add" - then now your chord is actually just Gb11/Db. Or, if you meant it to be "augmented" (as in #5), then Gb9#5/Db, except I wouldn't be sure what you meant about the 11, so I'm assuming you didn't mean that.

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thanks for your comments. I didn't just invent this chord on my own but I've seen it with all the mentioned extensions in a professional transcription of Oscar Peterson solos. That's why I tried to do this also inside MuseScore. There are also chords like F 7,9,13 or Bb7,#5,#9 . And I'm not sure about the automatic inclusion of 7 in a 9 chord. Couldn't it also be a 6, 9 chord or the 7 could be minor or major - or I don't play 7 at all but only 9?

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Hmm, which publisher uses that notation? Can you post a picture? It's definitely not standard and not recommended. Just use the standard notation we described instead. Commas are fine, so no problem with F7,9,13 - just not slashes.

F9 definitely includes the 7. F6/9 - the only place where slashes are sometimes included within chord symbols - is a different animal, and yes, in that case, no 7 is implied. All other cases it is. C9 has the same seventh (Bb) as C7, Cma9 has the same seventh (B) as Cma7.

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