Saving all opened files, Saving without chosing the path

• Mar 8, 2021 - 20:33

If I'm correct, here I can post ideas for future MuseScore releases? So, here are two very simple proposals that I believe are quite simple to implement, but still quite intuitive for users to expect them to be implemented.

First functionality request is in fact something that we are all very used in our browsers. When we have few tabs open in browser, and we are closing the browser, it will remember all the closed tabs and open the browser the same way it was closed.
Same way, I sometimes have more than one file opened in MuseScore, and when I close MuseScore I expect from it to open the same files that were closed last time. But, unfortunately that doesn't happen.

Here is also the second requirement that is also related to saving files.
Quite often I open files using the "Open recent" in "File" dropdown menu. That means that also quite often I'm not really sure where that file is saved. So, when I edit that file, and I want to just click Ctrl+S to save my changes, MuseScore insists that I chose the correct path where file should be saved.
For me, that doesn't make sense at all, and as far as I can remember, MuseScore is the only software that functions that way. Because, if I've opened the file and I just want to save last changes, isn't it expected that I just want to update current version? If I want to change filename, or save new version or whatever, I would not click Ctrl+S but would use "Save As...". Well, at least for me that makes sense.



FWIW, by default, my browser doesn't work that way. Nor would I want it to.

MuseScore has a continue last session startup setting.

I just tried the "open recent" thing. Then made some changes, then hit Ctrl+S, and it saved without file path being needed. Maybe that's a setting, also.

To get MuseScore to startup with the files you had open last - or with a specific score - see the settings in Edit / Preferences / General.

Ctrl+S should not normally prompt you to choose a location, but it would if the score in question is not in a format that can be saved directly - eg, imported from another program (including pre-3.0 versions of MuseScore). If you have a file you believe is a currently MuseScore file but you are prompted to choose a location when saving, please attach it here so we can investigate.

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First of all, sorry, I really should have searched a bit more in the settings to find that it is after all possible to save last session. Thanks!

Regarding saving documents and prompting for location, that has really happened a lot of times. But, considering your answer, I guess the problem was that I've downloaded some file from pre 3.0 versions. Ok, I've attached the file that at the moment I'm not able to save with just Ctrl+S.

NOT FOUND: Recreation_du_Guitariste_Op.51_-Napoleon_Coste_1805-1883.mscz


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Indeed, that's a MuseScore 2 file. MuseScore 3 can't save in that older format, so you are prompted for a new location to save to, in case you want to keep the old version around and save the new one under a different name. You're welcome to simply replace the original, however, if you won't need to open it in MuseScore 2 anymore.

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You said that you didn't always remember where the files were stored. Are you sure you are opening the last altered file? I saw both the initial version and my altered version in open recent list when I had saved to different locations.
Subsequent Ctrl+S of your file did not invoke the prompt.

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Thanks to both of you for quick and informative replies.

Well, then maybe one suggestion for developers.
Since I guess I wasn't the only one confused when MuseScore asked me for save folder, maybe some notification would help. For instance: "The file you are saving was made in older version of MuseScore, do you want to overwrite it with newer version?", or something like that.


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Ok, I've tried that on the file I've uploaded here, and I get no message whatsoever.
Btw, I was using file that wasn't edited and then saved in newer version.

But still, even if there was such message when the file was opened, in my case some files can remain opened and edited even for a few days without shutting computer off. That means that there is no chance I would remember even if I saw some message when opening the file.
Therefore I really believe some message would help.

It is extremely confusing to say the least when MuseScore doesn't want to accept Ctrl+S but instead asks for path to save the file.

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Current version (3.6.2) should definitely notify you when opening older files. So be sure to update if you aren't on that.

it's certainly true that you might forget between the time you open the file and the first time you save it - not that I'd recommend leaving edits unsaved for days. So feel free to submit a "Suggestion" to the issue tracker that a future version of MuseScore including such a notification on save. I think most people are tired of these sorts of notifications and would rather have fewer of them than more, but if enough people think it's a good idea, no doubt it will be implemented.

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I've done the update I guess two days ago and I have the newest version.
But, now I think I remember why I don't have any notification. The reason is I guess that when opening older files, I was always getting that message that became annoying, asking me if I want that new font and new formatting. I've just accepted that for all future files.
So, that's probably the reason why I don't get notifications anymore.

Regarding edits, in this case that's file with a lot of simple guitar pieces and sometimes I just leave that file opened for a few days and each day a play few pieces. So, it's not like I'm composing and therefore saving a lot, but I just make here and there some corrections.

Yes, I agree that people are tired of notifications and I'm definitely one of them, but on the other hand, I don't see better solution.

Thanks for your replies!

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Oh, I forgot to mention one thing that is in fact the most annoying regarding this problem with saving older files :-)
So, when I choose one of the files from the "open recent" list of files, and that file is in the older format, sometimes I don't really remember from which folder was that file, because I have a lot of folders with sheet music. When I try to save changes to that file, instead of offering me the same folder from which that file originally was, MuseScore offers some totally unrelated folder, usually desktop??
And then I have to search my folders to find where that file is...

It seems to me that the most reasonable default choice for saving those older files would be the same folder from where that file was originally.

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