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• Mar 10, 2021 - 20:35

Is there a way to NOT display a left bar line between the bottom of the first bass staff (lower staff of the grand staff) and the next (bass) staff? See attached MS file. If I change this in Styles, I lose the left bar line for the grand staff altogether, which I don't want. If I hide it, it does something wonky (see attached image). Or is there a way to manually add a left bar line for the grand staff, but NOT the single staff instrument below it?

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Thank you, I did try this previously (see attached). As I explained, I need a left barline for the grand staff, but not between the grand staff and the next (single) staff, nor for the single staff. Is this not possible?

I'm trying to show how to notate a music theory exercise; I don't actually require multiple instruments, but I do want control over which clefs are shown on each staff, and choosing different instruments seems to be the only way to do that, right?

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I'm still having trouble understanding the context here - without the left barline, the reader has no way of understand the third staff actually goes with the above two. It's not really clear what theoretical concept would be taught by violating this?

Anyhow, if you want three staves of one instrument, you can certainly have that, and set whatever clef you want.

Also, in addition to the suggestion as to how to stop the left barline from spanning to the bottom staff, note you can suppress the barline on the bottom staff with the "hide system barline" option in its staff/part properties.

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