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• Mar 17, 2021 - 03:46

I prefer to post once I've come to conclusions and can provide steps to replicate, but in third and fourth issues listed below, behavior is intermittent so I haven't been able to fully characterize it.

With Loop enabled:

Loop flag updating: When Looping is enabled MuseScore's the "loop" flags should update anytime the user changes the selection.

When I select a section of music and enable the Toolbar's Loop button two triangular 'flags' appear around the selection, indicating that the selection will loop. But the flags do not update if I then extend or shorten the selection—nor if I make a new selection while Loop button is still enabled. The flags update when the user Plays the score. This has proved confusing to my students. After they make a new selection they notice the flags remain in their previous positions, so they believe they must do something to reset the flags to loop their new selection. And indeed they can reset the flags—but that's needless and cumbersome—and museScore does that for them ...but only after they press Play.

Continuance vs. rewind: In most audio applications, including MuseScore the space keystroke simply toggles playback between “play” and “pause.”

But during Loop playback the space keystroke stops playback AND "rewinds" to the head of the loop. I think it’s logical for the space keystroke to invoke a completely parallel behavior during normal playback and loop playback: pause / continue.

And what if one wants to rewind on pause? In both playback modes Normal and Loop) ”standard" transport controls (or preferences) could govern whether rewind or continuance occurs on the spacebar key.

Perhaps I've overlooked a setting that controls this behavior?

Delays: I've encountered delays between the end and start of the loop. This happens (here on Mac OS) when a whole measure is selected ... or when the selection ranges between notes that do not constitute full measures. Unfortunately this is an intermittent so I haven't found a trigger, but I've seen on other Macs. And, I think, also on Windows.

Space bar: As discussed the space bar should toggle (start/stop) playback during Looped playback. And usually it DOES. But during Loop playback MuseScore sometimes gets into a state where the spacebar fails to halt or restart playback. The only workaround is the press the Play (triangle button) in the Toolbar. Restarting MuseScore cures the situation, for a while. Again I can't find a steps to replicate. So my apologies. But I've seen this behavior on several student's computers.




Is it possible to change the default, playback behavior? I want to play from the same position over and over again, after pressing stop and then play again I want it to start over from the last position I picked.

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It is not clear what you want to do - go back to a defined start point evert time or continue from the point where you stopped. Whatever, MuseScore can do both.

a) to define a start position and then go back to start from there every time you stop playback and start again use the loop playback facility and toggle the play button - see

b) to stop playback and resume where you left off, this is the default mode, so just don't enable loop playback.

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Loop mode does exactly what you want, as you've been advised twice already. You've also replied that for you it "works very bad" but without saying what about it works very bad for you.

Another workaround would be to press right-arrow, left-arrow after stopping playback, which will force re-selection of your starting position. This in turn will make MuseScore think you've selected a new starting position and it will start playback from that "new" location.

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