MDL Drumline Soundfonts drop out every third note

• Mar 19, 2021 - 19:53

MDL has been having a common issue of playing every single MDL sound after stopping playback, which is LOUD. If I'm wearing headphones, it literally makes my ears ring afterwards. Annoying as that is, afterwards, playback is ruined. Anything MDL-wise won't play every single note, which makes the whole thing sound like a jumble. I often have to reinstall MDL just to get it to sound right afterwards, and then I have to do it again right when the problem happens again. Anybody know any fixes to this? Running Musescore 3.6 on a 2015 Mac.

Attached below is the score I'm having these issues with.

Attachment Size
The_Dance_of_Percussionnodrums.mscz 100.83 KB

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