Harmonics in guitar TAB where pitch is different to normal note

• Mar 24, 2021 - 12:10

Hello friends

Unusual one this! I am making an arrangement for solo guitar using a guitar stave (notes) and TAB stave. The TAB is automatically filled in when I enter a note in the music stave. I have a section where there is a harmonic at fret 5 of string 5. This gives the pitch of A but the note fretted normally at that point is D. I'd like the TAB to show where to find the harmonic (i.e., string 5, fret 5) and the notes to show the real pitch generated by the harmonic. The problem is that these are different pitches as TAB understands it. The system doesn't appear to let me have one stave showing one thing and the other another thing when the two are connected. Is my only solution to create the notes alone, and then to add a TAB stave later and edit accordingly? Hope that makes sense. Cheers, Dan


If I understand correctly, enter it correct for tab but change the display in the standard staff using the "Fix to line" setting in the Inspector.

If you need further assistance, please attach your score so we can understand better.

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