mute chord symbol playback in 3.5

• Mar 25, 2021 - 22:41

I have the chord symbols posted above the soprano line in a orchestral score. When I want to play the soprano line to hear the notes only, it also plays the chord symbols. I have tried to use the inspector to highlight the first chord symbol, uncheck the "play" button, and select the option of placing the chord symbol below the staff. One of the topics then tells me to use the "set as style" button, but I cannot find such a button. So, how do I delete the playback of the chord symbols without muting the soprano line notes?


The "set as style" button has an "S" icon, it's right next to the setting itself. If your Inspector is too narrow to see it, either widen it or use the scrollbar.

You can also set this directly in Format / Style / Chord Symbols, or use the Mixer to mute the channel (useful if you want chord symbols on other staves to still play, or if you wish to change the sound used). For more info, see the Handbook section on chord symbol playback

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Marc: You and your partners are THE BEST! I wasn't expecting a reply yesterday evening, but you and your partners are always available. I really do hate to bother you as much as I do when i have questions. I do try to find the answers in the handbook, but sometimes I just can't and then I feel stupid when you patiently point out the obvious!
I think what you're saying I should do to avoid this problem is place the chord symbols on an empty staff instead of placing them above an instrument. That way, I can easily turn them on or off with the mixer so that it will not affect the instrument playback. Is that correct?

Also, I need the link to purchase your new tutorial that was featured in an email not too long ago.

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You could do it with an extra staff, sure. But you don't need to.

If you go into the mixer and look at the bottom area, with all the sliders; there should be an arrow in the slider of the current instrument that has the chord symbols. Click on that arrow to expand the "sub-channels" of the instrument.
One of those will be called "instrument-Harmony"; this is the one used for chord playback. Just like any other slider track in the mixer, you can set it's volume, mute it or change the sound used for it (after clicking in that track to select it).

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