Why only one open palette in latest version?

• Mar 27, 2021 - 13:07

I used to be able to have 2 or 3 palettes open at one time so all the options I needed were available. Now in the latest version of MuseScore ( I seem to be only able to open one palette. If I open another palette the 1st one closes. This means I have to constantly open palettes if I want to switch between Accidentals and Articulation for example. This slowed down the note entry process significantly. Why was something changed that was not broken?



Is still is an option to have just one or any number of palettes open at a time
And as far as I know the default hasn't changed, so you must have enabled that "only one palette"

As mentioned, this didn't change, but one thing that did change not so long ago is, you can very easily customize your palettes to not need to switch between them at all! Just click the Add Palettes button and create a new one, call it what you want, and drag whatever you want into it from other palettes. So your most commonly used symbols can be in one place. You can also Ctrl+Shift+drag elements in from your score, to have customized text and other elements available with a single click.

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