Kabyle language not rendering on Mac

• Mar 30, 2021 - 03:51
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The language setting dropdown list contains a language between Georgian and Korean appearing as "tofu". I now know that it's the Kabyle language that's not rendering properly. I tried installing a font that supports the Tifinagh script, but it did not work

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Just installing won't be enough, you'd also need to get MuseSc ore to use it, see abobe.
But just using whatever the default is should do too.
What Operating system?
On Windows the default is "Segoe UI" and that does work

I did try that, it did not work.
I think the problem is there is no pre-installed font on Mac that supports this writing system. Maybe MuseScore needs to be programmed to use a fallback font that was installed by the user.

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Not a MuseScore issue. Nothing MuseScore can fix, it does use the default UI font on every platform, if that doesn't support Kabyle this isn't MuseScore's fault and can't get fixed by MuseScore.
And you really don't want to use Kabyle either, do you? And even if, the Kabyle translations is very far from being usefull, it has just one single string translated ("About MuseScore" > "Ɣef MuseScore") from a total of 7897 strings.
(only 2 other languages are in a worse state, Sicilianu and Arab (Algeria), with no single translated string)

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You can work around this by installing a language that does support that and configure MuseScore to use that in Preferences > General > Appearance > Font face.
Like that Tifinagh script or Noto Sans Tifinagh you mentioned above, maybe

This is an aside, but it's a bit of a pity that some of these languages, despite being listed, only have so much that's actually translated.