Continuous Pedal

• Apr 3, 2021 - 09:25

I've been trying to find answers to find a way to connect the pedal lines together for a while now. Either I'm really dumb, or I really can't find a way to make the pedal lines continuous. I started by adding a PEDAL ANGLED END line, then continued by adding PEDAL BOTH HOOKED ANGLES and ended with a PEDAL ANGLED START line. However, it does not look like the examples from the other forums. One person said it should automatically connect, but I don't see it working here. Am I doing something wrong? Aren't the angled ends suppose to indicate a release symbol, or is there a separate release symbol I could add?

BTW: I tried clicking and dragging the ends to connect the pedal lines, but when I move the ends, the whole pedal line shifts upward, therefore not matching with the rest of the lines. I can manually lower the pedal line again and connect the lines together, but it would take ages to connect two lines, where I have to connect the pedal lines for the whole score.


Note, though, that changing the length is only needed if you don't actually enter the lines correctly to begin with - if you do enter them correctly, no adjustment is needed. When selecting the range of notes to apply the pedal to, be sure the last note of the selection for the first line is the same as the first note of the second line. Then the angle works perfectly right out of the box.

I was just struggling with that same issue a few weeks ago, but the folks here at the forum came to the rescue. The MuseScore forum is a lifesaver!

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