Sheet music edited on MuseScore.

• Apr 3, 2021 - 20:29

We know that MuseScore charges us to download third-party scores. I ask: what is the possibility of a user (me) who has several scores edited on MuaseScore to profit from it?
Do we have to register?



As that over on, it has got nothing to do with
I guess though you don't count as a 'major publisher' they are cutting deals with...

Indeed, this isn't the place to discuss But I can tell you, the site was never intended to be a place for users to sell their own scores. As you say, the ones that require Pro accounts are "third party" scores - ones composed by people who are not users, and that were uploaded by others without the composers' explicit permission. If you want to profit form your own scores, you would need to look into other sites for that, ones that are set up for that sort of thing. See for example…

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