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• Apr 4, 2021 - 21:17

Hey there!
How can I create new tempos in Musescore - as in the pictures below?


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In the four minutes between my suggestion and your reply, you have read the relevant entry in the Handbook, absorbed its meaning, tried it out in a score and have come to the conclusion that the result is not what you expected or what you desire?

Please post your score and more details of what you want to happen.

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Well, I read it earlier. The guy who first commented gave me a link, and from that link I read the same article that you commented.
Okay then, I will publish my score....
I want Musescore to play two measures with two different tempos as in the first picture.
I read the article once more, but this time I read the summary. The summary said ''[...] for playback you'll still need to add an actual (invisible) Swing text.''
I opened that link but I followed the instructions, but I could not edit the swing as in the first picture (the triplet).

So, my request is, how can I make a the same swing as in the picture below and make Musescore play it for me (measure 70 and 71)?

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The swing/straigh images are just that, images, no effect to playback.
For playback you need these system tests with special properties set, like Swing and Straight from the text palette. You can make those invisible and add your images.

As far as I can tell the handbook page for Swing and the HowTo for those images are pretty clear about that

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You cannot make the swing text look like the image you want, that's why there is that HowTo.
If you want it to look like the image, ises zthe image, as per the HowTo.
If you want it to play back use that swing text.
You you want to to look like the image and to play back properly, use both and make the latter invisible.

Exactly as the handbook and the howto tells you to do

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