Suggestion: Premade tab tunings!

• Apr 5, 2021 - 16:57

So this is an idea where when editing tabs on an instrument (say, a guitar) would give a selection of tunings to pick from (example: Standard E, Drop C, DADGAD) which can save time from editing string data. My suggestion also features a choice to add a tuning to the list of tunings (only for one song though) and then use that to change the notes of each string. I really hope this can be added in a future version of MuseScore.


That's a good idea! I don't see anything in the issue tracker (see Suppott menu above) about it, so I recommend submitting it there as a "Suggestion".

Meanwhile, do note that you can create custom instruments.xml files with your preferred tunings preset, you can also save a score to your Templates folder for easy reuse (just select it in the Custom Templates section when creating a new score).

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there are so many different tunings for fretted instruments.
If we only look at Guitars the different tunings have to be available for every sort of guitar (electric, classical...)
in my opinion after all it is very easy to make an instrument xml with the tunings needed (very different for every player)

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