• Apr 6, 2021 - 14:44

Hello everyone,

I do a bit of piano arranging and I have this score I want to move from Musescore into Synthesia. I want to do this because I haven't quite perfected the song but I'd like to go ahead and upload it into Synthesia. I am using the free version of Synthesia currently because I am awaiting a USB/keyboard cable and I am not certain it will work on my old keyboard.

Here is the score:

Is there a way to do this with Musescore? I know it is possible because I've seen people create things that are impossible to play and upload them into Synthesia (sheet music boss on youtube), though I'm sure they must have been using an alternative program other than musescore.

I like musescore's features and functionality, though I really wish it had iPad support since arranging music consists of playing something on the piano, walking 15 feet, inputting it into the computer, forgetting, going back and forth, and it's just a hassle, but I digress...

Anyway, is there a way to take this score above and just send it straight into Synthesia? I think Synthesia uses Midi so maybe if I convert it somehow but I don't know how accurate the program is in capturing the right keys purely by an audio sample without and keyboard data.

TLDR: How do I move musescore files into Synthesia?


Going from MIDI to notation is impossible to do "accurately" since MIDI lacks tons of information that would be needed to create correct notation (like, even basics such as whether to call a given note G# or Ab) and also it's capable of representing "irrational" rhythms that are not notatable in standard notation at all. But, going the other way - from notation to MIDI - is trivially easy. So if you export from MuseScore to a standard MIDI file (File / Export), then assuming the other program you refer to can handle standard MIDI files and doeson't need to produce actual notation from it but instead more like a piano roll or whatever, then that should work fine.

BTW, MuseScore might not work on iPad, but it does work on laptops, no reason you should be forced to work on a system 15 feet from your piano :-)

Yes! I just download the free Synthesia app too and was experimenting with it. Essentially all you do in the free version is find your sheet music (you can use the original .mscz MuseScore file) and drag it into Synthesia's "Songs" window.

In the free version you can only do this a few times and you can only play through about 30 secs of the actual song. I believe once you buy it it will automatically scan for MIDI files if you ask it to and it will play those as well.

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