convert tab to notation

• Apr 7, 2021 - 18:40

I have seen that it's possible in Musescore. Please direct me to the link for downloading the version that converts guitar tab to standard notationl


All versions of MuseScore for the past six years can do this. So just download the current version to update if you're still using one from 2014 or earlier - see the Download menu above on this page, or the big download button on the main page of this site.

If you have a score current in tab, and you just want to convert it standard, easiest is to go to Edit / Instruments and change the staff type to standard. But other possibilities exist as well if you want to show both standard and tab, and if you want changes in one to show in the other. See the Handbook page referenced above for more info.

That’s good news! I am a Musescore subscriber and would like to try converting tab to standard, which would save me the $100 it costs to sub to Smartscore64. How do I get the tab into the Musescore window so I can convert it. Can I convert a tab from another site like Ultimate Guitar Pro?

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