Openscore lieder corpus

• Apr 11, 2021 - 13:05

I received an email from Kickstarter telling me that they are thrilled to announce that the OpenScore Lieder Corpus has now digitised over 1000 scores, all freely available to browse, listen, download, and share without restriction!
When I enter with the link provided in this message it shows me a banner to subscribe to a payed service.
I have tried to contact Kickstarter using the link in the botton of the email but it says that my email (the one where I just received this message) is unknown to them?!!!
More, I could log on in musecore, in spite of the banner to subscribe to the payed service, and select some of the scores but none of them work to be listenned.
It is not the small contribution I did for this project but the fact that all of this sims to me quite wrong to do.


Hi cjamarques,

I run the OpenScore Kickstarter campaign (here's proof). If you are having trouble contacting us via the Kickstarter interface then you can contact me via this page (requires free MuseScore account) and I will respond via email.

You shouldn't need a subscription to to download or listen to scores marked "Public Domain". This applies to all scores in the Lieder Corpus. You do, however, need to be signed in to the website with a free account in order to download those scores.

I can't prevent the banner appearing on Nevertheless, you should be able to ignore the banner (or press the 'X' to dismiss it) and continue to listen to and download those Public Domain pieces from a free account.

If playback is not working for you then that indicates a problem with the website. You could try a different browser, or report the problem at

Best wishes,
Peter Jonas (shoogle)
OpenScore Project Manager

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