Audit duration feature

• Apr 12, 2021 - 00:02

One feature I'd love to see is a way to highlight a passage with notes and rests, then press a button that combines durations of tied notes or rests to be as long as possible without extending beyond the Note Groups I defined in Time Signature properties.

For example, in 4 4 time, I'd never intend for a half note or half rest to begin on an offbeat. If I have an eighth rest followed by a half rest, the feature would swap them, combining the first four eighth notes into one rest. If I somehow end up with 5 consecutive eighth notes tied together followed by 3 eighth note rests, it would merge the first four into a half note tied to the fifth and merge the rests into one dotted quarter rest.

The use case I'd find this most useful is when I copy a passage into a different part offsetting it by an eighth note, and I don't want to manually combine rests or notes to make it look like music again. Or, when I'm left with too many rests that (I think) I currently have to manually combine, which might happen if I switch time signatures or attempt to insert a 7 8 bar.

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It's not totally clear what you mean here, but if selecting the passage then using Tools / Regroup Rhythms doesn't do what you want, please attach an actual score rather than just a picture so we can understand better. Maybe show it both a before and after version - what you've accidentally entered, what you meant to enter instead.

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