Score corrupts when exploding and undo

• Apr 12, 2021 - 06:55

When exploding a staff with two or more voices into two or more staffs, the original staff becomes corrupted. Undoing does not reverse the corruption, but only to make it worse. The corruption occurs on the staff after the part where I did the explosion, but not before it. The corruption continues all the way to the end of the score. The whole rest in empty measures disappeared after undoing, and where there are notes, every first note disappeared. The score was fine and there were no corruptions before this action. Corrupted score is attached.
Link to screen record video:

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This score is definitely corrupted already, MuseScore reports that immediately upon loading. Do you have a version from before the corruption occurred that you could post instead? Also be sure to give us precise steps to reproduce the problem - a simple text list "1) do this 2) do that etc" is much easier to follow than a video.

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Steps on recreating the corruption:
1. Select measure 344-347 on staff 1.
2. Go to tools, then explode.
At this stage, some notes are already corrupted.
3. Undo.
After undo, the corruption cannot be reversed, instead, it corrupts further, deleting the whole rests that are supposed to appear in empty measures.

Score before corruption is attached.

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I can confirm that after the Undo, corruption has occurred. Seems probably some corner case involving exploding of multiple voices combined with the change in time signature, perhaps. I recommend submitting this as an official bug report to the issue, including the same score and steps to reproduce.

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