Independent Stem Direction

• Apr 12, 2021 - 20:46

Dear members,

I just started Musescore yesterday and have been having quite a lot of fun notating some works of composers that have been left only in manuscript. I have encountered this little issue with notating i hope everyone could help me out a bit. I am trying to notate independent stem directions using the same value of notes but i can't figure a correct way to make them without having a bunch of rest notes. I attach both images of the original manuscript and the result i have from the software.
I appreciate any guidance !


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manuscript issue.png 961.3 KB
muse problem.png 160.48 KB


Actually i think i just managed to solve the problem now by using voice options and making the rest notes invisible with V key.

Maybe I'm missing something, but the handwritten score doesn't appear to show multiple voices to me. Looks like one voice one, but with some quirky custom beaming you can reproduce using the Beam Properties palette (see Handbook under Beams for more info) and possibly flipping some stems using "X".

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