Time signature change stops playback.

• Apr 14, 2021 - 04:19
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I have a song written in 4/4 time. I wanted to change the ending 16 measures to 3/4 time. I selected the measure where the time change was to occur and selected 3/4. The measures were changed as I expected but when I try to playback notes in the changed section nothing happens. I tried playing the song from the beginning and playback stops at the time change.
I opened another song that has time changes in it and it played fine.
I tried cutting the notes from the section I wanted to be in the new time signature and changing the time for the empty measures and then pasting the notes back in. This did not fix the playback problem

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I found that if I retyped in the music and reset the coda sign then it played properly. It would not play without the coda sign. So I guess I don't fully understand how the repeats and codas work.

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The score (in the 1st article) had a D.C al Code and a To Coda, but no Coda, so nothing to jump to, so it doesn't. So by design.
The score in the 2nd article does have a Coda, so it works.
I just don't quite understand what you mean by "reset the coda sign"?

Apparently when I added the time change to the measure it deleted the coda sign for that measure. Once that happened I could not get playback to happen anywhere in that section even if I tried to start it from within the section. When I realized that the coda sign was missing and replaced it then I was allowed to playback the notes in the measures.