Strange key signature behaviour

• Apr 14, 2021 - 11:30

Any ideas about this??

Unwanted key signature in bass - no idea why its there but can't get rid of it. Will not delete. No huge problem as I can set it to invisible but a minor irritation that I'd like to get rid of if possible!

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If you can share your actual score file (mscz) then someone on here can try and figure out what is going in and show you how to remove that key signature.

If you only wanted it removed from that png, then try an image editor such as paint ;-) somehow I doubt that's what you'll want though :D

There were known bugs in older versions of MuseScore that could produce this error. Current versions of MuseScore have the bug fixed, so they shouldn't create this situation anymore, but older scores already infected with the bug aren't magically corrected (so, more like a vaccine that a cure).

As mentioned, if you attach the actual score, we can understand and assist better.

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I dont think that's the problem.....I've been using 3.6.2. Very busy at moment.....trying to finalise a project for a deadline next havnt really worried too much. Will attach score tomorrow to see if anyone can find issue.

I've used muscore virtually continuously for the past few weeks. I'm really impressed by its stability, reliability and ease of use. I think this is the only issue I've come across!

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