Hairpin properties not saving

• Apr 15, 2021 - 15:00

Ok, I know this has been discussed very recently, but I've searched the forums, and cannot find the thread. My apologies for that.

In the attached example, I've got a simple swell and fade on a cymbal roll. At this moment, It displays and works properly. If I close and re-open the file the diminuendo no longer extends as far as I set, and the playback does not respect the dim value that is set via the inspector and saved in the file data. The dim value still exists, but it does not play back unless I re-edit the hairpin.

In the previous discussion on this topic, someone pointed out that this is possibly because MuseScore has difficulty guessing the selection range as it is a single note. I would understand this in terms of inputting and editing the hairpin, but once its values have been set, should it not be possible to display and play back the hairpin as edited?

By the way, if you load the example score, it will not display as it does currently on my screen.

Once again, I apologize for asking the same question as someone else has done in the last week or so. I would rather refer or append directly to that question, but I simply cannot find the relevant thread.
(though IMHO it would be much easier to find relevant topics if there was a better way to sort search results.)

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For placing hairpins exactly where I want them to stay, I often use hidden rests in an unused Voice (in this example I used Voice 4). The dim. hairpin still uses Voice 1, but the presence of the rests seems to help to "anchor" the hairpin's positioning.

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Hairpin Test with hidden rests.mscz 4.34 KB

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Thanks, Daniel. Your example loads and functions properly. My hairpin, on the other hand, still reverts to a very much foreshortened arrowhead that only covers beat three.
I have tried:
1 filling the entire measure with quarter note rests in voice 4.
2 anchoring the hairpins on the whole note in voice 1... no improvement on save and re-load.
3 anchoring the hairpins on the half and quarter rests in voice 2... no improvement on save and re-load.
4 anchoring the hairpins on the quarter rests in voice 4... no improvement on save and re-load.

I'm doing SOMETHING wrong, but I just can't figure it out.

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I'll tell you what DID work...

I copied the measure from your example, and it works perfectly. That part is great, though it feels like I'm copying someone's homework, and I certainly can't go running to the forums every time I need to do a cymbal swell. I'm thankful for the help, but I'm NOT happy with the fact that I still can't figure it out.
Cheers, mate.

You don't say exactly how to reproduce the problem, but I was able to cause an issue with your last hairpin by trying to extend to to the end of the measure. I think this doesn't work because the hairpin is somehow in the wrong voice - it should be in voice 2. Delete it and add it to voice two (by selecting the rest there first) and all works fine.

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That solves it. Oddly enough, I thought I was in voice 2. I also tried it a number of different ways, so whatever it was, I never hit on the right combination. I'm sure this was all resolved on the recent thread where this was discussed, but I searched quite awhile and couldn't find it.

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