Strange behaviour of MP3 file

• Apr 15, 2021 - 15:40

Attached Musescore file and MP3 file exported from this file.

When I play the MP3 file I hear crashing accents at the first beat of every bar...when I play the file via musescore these are not there.

In an earlier version of the piece I did have long bass notes in a second voice so that they sounded right through each bar. Although I've long since deleted them, its as if the are somehow still there so that Musescore "remembers" them when creating an MP3 file.

Tried renaming the file so that it definitely exports as a new MP3. Also tried selecting all noted in that voice and deleting them. No idea!

Grateful for any suggestions!

PS. Tried to upload MP3 file but system wouldn't allow it!

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Fantasia.mscz 39.25 KB


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