Piano not available under devices

• Apr 15, 2021 - 19:44

Hello, I try to use my Nord Piano in MuseScore, version 3.6.2. I use a MacBook.
I connected it with a MIDI USB-cable. In I/O my Nord Piano is not available under devices. What to do?


What is the MIDIMATE that shows - that's not the interface the keyboard is connected through?

Be sure the keyboard is connected and turned on before starting MuseScore.

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It isn't clear how exactly you entered the notes, but generally, how you played them is irrelevant when it comes to dynamics - MuseScore uses the notated dynamics and rhythms, not whatever random variation might have occurred during your note input. If you are wanting to record your actual playing, you should use a separate sequencer or DAW program then import the resulting MIDI file.

If you feel that MuseScore is not playing what you actually notated, then please attach the score so we can investigate.

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Thank you for your support.
I enter the notes with my keyboard, a Nord Piano. That is not the problem, that MuseScore is not playing what I notated but the other way around. I thought it would be possible to record my playing and playback the file and hear the same.
I have imported old MIDI files. The score is very satisfying and the playback too. But those MIDI files I had made with an other program.
I now understand that MuseScore does not quite represent what I have played. Only the pitches and rhythm are quite accurate so far I can see. Entering notes with a keyboard is a way to work faster on a score.

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I get that you entered notes with your keyboard, but I don't know how you are entering them - using standard step time input or one of the special real time modes, or if you actually created a MIDI file and imported that. The expected results differ in all of these cases.

If you entered the notes in step time or real time mode directly within MuseScorte, then indeed, it will not attempt to reproduce the nuances of what you played - it will simply play what you have notated.

If you import a MIDI file, it will more or less try to reproduce some of what you played, but it needs to convert the arbitrary timing that is possible with MIDI into something that is actually readable standard music notation. So again, it won't be exactly what you plaed - just the closest approximation in standard notation.

FWIW, using a MIDI keyboard to enter notes is not especially faster than typing them. Especially given all the time that is generally added when using real time MIDI input to correct the rhythms, use of voices, etc to be actually readable. I susp[etc in the ling run you will come to find the same - if the goal is to produce human-feeling playback, simply play into the sequencer and be done with it. If the goal is to produce readable notation, MuseScore is the tool for you. But getting both results at once isn't really feasible. At least, not easily.

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