Display current dynamic/volume/velocity for staff

• Apr 16, 2021 - 05:42

I've noticed that playback of a staff relies on the last given volume or velocity that was played. However after long stretches of silence on a staff, a composer loses sight of what the last volume was. This is especially true in beginning crescendos or after decrescendos.
It would be helpful, especially during note input, to know what the current volume of the staff is.
I am open to it appearing on the status bar, or in the "header column" of Continuous View. That way I'll be reminded that I need to declare the dynamics for new notes in a staff.


While I agree a display should be useful, I would say, regardless of what the dynamic level many measures ago, you should always state the new dynamic level. Otherwise, the musicians reading your score will forget just as surely as you do :-)

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