I have a Big problem!!!

• Apr 16, 2021 - 12:19

Hello, i have a big problem …

I can't open my music book file i'm writing !!! It is almost finished …

Yesterday I saved as always and because of a pentagram that I could not delete the application it was stopped and when I re-opened the file this message appeared:

The file "/ Users / renato falaschi / Desktop / LIBRO RENATO / LIBRO RENATO NUOVO volume 1.mscz" is corrupted and cannot be processed.
MSCX error on line 106498: invalid measurement length: -4/8

Now I can't open it anymore and that's a disaster because my editor is waiting for the book …

Please help me !!!

I don't understand why if when we try to save a file that it has problems the software gives you the possibility to save it for afterwards denying it to you !!!

It is not fair!!

When there are problems and the file can be damaged and after you can no longer open it, the software should not give you the possibility to save, in this way the user can possibly try to understand the problem, and avoid losing everything !!

Frankly I have been using Musescore from the start and thought I had professional software ... but now I realize that it is not ... it is not normal to lose all your work when the software allowed you to save your file !!

Please give me a solution!

Thank you so much.


Please attach your score for inspection (the mscz file).

Corruptions are the result of bugs; if we new about what caused them, they wouldn't be caused anymore because we'd fix the bug...

I sometimes have the same problem. In the dialog, it´s good to see the details to know what to correct, but then click IGNORE to open the file normally. That works for me.

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"... then click IGNORE to open the file normally. That works for me."

Please don't do that.
Ignoring a corruption only stores up problems for you later, perhaps when you have a deadline to meet!

Of course you can click IGNORE, but then you must resolve the problem so that the score is no longer corrupted.

See the HowTo article "How to fix a score that contains corruptions":

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