Is it possible to add space to the right side of the note?

• Apr 17, 2021 - 04:05

Dragging a note to the right adds space to its left. But what if I want to add space between the last note in a section and the bar to the right? Is it possible?

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It's possible indeed to create non-standard spacing this way, like if you are trying to create your own experimental notation. But my guess is this isn't your intent, and whatever you are trying to achieve by adding extra space is probably better accomplished differently. Can you explain the actual end result you are looking for?

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It's still not totally clear what you mean - which symbols & notations? If you mean maybe some text attached to the last note of the measure, it would not be standard to add space to accommodate it - that will generally confuse people reading the score. Instead, it is usually better to simply move the marking, or change where your line breaks are so the measure doesn't come at the end of a system.

if you attached your score we can advise as to best solution.

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It was nothing advanced, but something like below. I thought the things on the right looked better than the things on the left. I do not know music, and I was just trying to recreate a blurry sheet for an old song and adjusting the velocity and tempo according to the rendition on YouTube, so I am not sure whether those notations/symbols are correct or not.

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It's much easier to help if you post the actual score, not just pictures of it. Then we can tell you more exactly what is going on wand what to do about it.

As it is, what I can say for sure is don't do what your second and fourth pictures shows, with the strange unexplained space between the last note of the measure and the barline. That's contrary to the normal rules of music notation and will only cause confusion.

In the first example, it seems most like your main issue is that you have the DS al Coda attached incorrectly - it seems you might have added it as ordinary staff text instead of as a true repeat marking. As a result, it's straddling the barline which is definitely wrong.. Simply adding the correct marking from the Repeats palette fixes that. Also, though, the coda measure should generally not directly follow the DS measure - there should be at least a horizontal frame and preferably a system break between them.

In the second example, it's a bit strange to try to cram a crescendo into such a small space; is that really what the original sheet music did? But if you really need to do that, shorten the crescendo rather than add space is the overlap with the barline is concerning. Also, the dynamic markings should be in the same voice, then MuseScore will align them with the hairpin automatically.

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Yeah, as I said, I have little knowledge on music, and am sort-of trying to learn it with this as an opportunity, so the sheet I recreated should have lots of incorrectness. The original sheet has no timing or velocity instructions. The original sheet had D.S. at the end of a bar like the screenshot here ( ), and I thought this is not reproducible in MuseScore. The one I re-created (the one you said was incorrect) seemed to work functionally, so I thought it was correct.

Anyway, the original sheet is the first image that you see in this Google Image Search: This is the one I was using, and I could not find any better one.

The sheet I created is at ( ). The reason why I uploaded the file there instead of attaching here is that this music is not mine and is copyrighted. It seems that I cannot delete my post in this forum or even edit it after sometime, so if I attach it here, it will probably be here for ever, and publicly sharing the sheet of someone else's copyrighted music is probably illegal. That site claims that it automatically deletes the file once downloaded. Besides, I have been experimenting with the sheet (again, I have little knowledge in music) to find ways to make it sound closer to the actual rendition ( ) so the sheet is like a homepage under construction.

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It's pretty harmless to update copyright music here in a support forum, it's never once happened in the entire history of humanity to my knowledge that anyone has been sued over such a thing. And even if someone were to complain, they'd comaplin to the site administrators (the way copyright law works, it is they who are responsible, not you), and they'd simply delete the post for you. So absolutely nothing to worry about. if you're feeling especially worried anyhow, just delete all but the relevant measures. And of course don't give the file a meaningful name!

Anyhow, indeed, it appears you added the correct marking, but you moved it from its correct place. a DS marking should end at the barline, not extend over it. As it is, now people can't tell which measure it actually applies to. So select it and press Ctrl+R to reset it to the correct location. As for the tempo marking, there is no reason I can think of for a tempo marking there. It's the same tempo as what preceded it. I guess if you're trying to set up a different tempo on the DS than the first time through, but then it's confusing because there is actually no tempo marked at the beginning. And in any case, it wouldn't have that playback effect. Maybe you meant to attach the tempo to the coda measure? Then do so. Where it is makes no sense though.

In any case, the coda should be separated, as mentioned. So at the very least, add a horizontal frame before that measure. The n the coda sign itself won't be overlapping the rest, and the whole thing will be easier to read and look more like music is normally notated. Then if you decide it's still too crowed looking and you for whatever reason decided you definitely want to see that tempo marking, simply use a spacer to add more space above the staff. Or consider moving the DS below.

FWIW, you have a similarly strange and inappropriate gap at the end of your pickup measure. You should reset that too, it's serving no purpose except to confuse people.

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