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• Apr 17, 2021 - 08:35

I found a 10" Win-10 tablet with keyboard, new and only US$130. I bought it and installed Musescore on it.

Works fine - see attached ZIP file..

I wouldn't want to compose anything on it, it's small... Maybe there is a Windows setting that will make the drop down menus larger but I haven't got that far as yet..

I really just wanted it as a companion to my practice book to playback a song I'm working on. It helps me to play along and "hear" what the song should sound like. Perhaps, in time, this will replace my practice book completely. Now that I've got it working, I see possibilities..

It would be nice, as a feature, to have a very simplified Musescore companion program that only does playback and perhaps a "Next" key to get to the next song in a playlist.

Just a thought...

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MSC on win 2.83 MB


There are mobile apps for reading and playing scores - but only for iOS and Android, not for Windows that I know of.

You can indeed change various settings to control the size of things. By default most operating systems will tell MuseScore the actual display resolution and MuseScore will then do what it needs to in order to make everything the proper size. but some systems don't do this in ways MuseScore understands, so you need to override the defaults. In your case, you probably want the score itself to be scaled smaller as well, you just want text and icons larger a bit larger. So within MuseScore, try tuning up those sizes in Edit / Preferences / General.

FWIW, I compose on my Surface Go all the time. It's small in size, but not features. Especially as I changed it from S-mode to full windows.

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