How to move x position of note

• Apr 17, 2021 - 10:26

Is there a way to easily move the x position of a note? When I change the x position of a note in the inspector only the head of the note moves leaving the stem behind. It is very fiddely to try and move them separately.


I tried using the chord offset. It worked fine in bar 5 of the example but did not work for some reason in bar 3! When I select the 1st C# in bar 3 and try to increase the chord x offset, the note itself does not move. Rather the following note move closer to the 1st note! Rather strange... Multiple clefs example.mscz

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It's tedious because creating experimental notation with non-standard spacing is not meant to be something someone would do accidentally - you need to go out of your way. Can you explain more about why you are trying to fiddling with spacing in this example? Probably whatever it is can be accomplished more directly. It seems you are somehow attempting to add a clef before a measure then adjust it to make it appear like you added it after the barline, but that is much more easily done directly, by adding the clef to the first note. In those unusual cases where it's desired at all - the normal standard is for clef changes to appear before the barline.

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I am trying to re-create the look of some of the harmony exercises from the book "Piston Harmony & Work book" because I don't want to write directly into the book. I was trying to make them look the same s in the book. They are a string of exercises each 2 bars or so long, with different keys and clefs. Just experimenting around. No a major problem altogether.

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Do the examples not have gaps between them? That would be more typical, and if you add horizontal frames, you get what you want automatically - you don't even need to add the clefs. If they didn't add space between them, most likely that's just because the software they used was more limited and didn't feature this ability. But if you want to reproduce that particular limitation, you can even make the frame zero width if you like. You'd probably want to remove the curly braces in that case though.

In any case, definitely there are much better methods than tediously adjusting the position of symbols that were added to one location and forcing them to appear as if they had been added to a different one.

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Understood. To me that's not good practice - it makes it appear these are meant to be played consecutively when they presumably are not. Much better to leave space between them. It's the trivially simple solution here - easiest to do and looks best.

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