play panel

• Apr 17, 2021 - 14:44

i used musecore 2 and am acquainted to its play panel where each instruement in my piece is there to edit its sound, its volume, mute or not and its pan.
Now I have musecore 3 and the play panel is way different.... can you please help me understand?
Mind you i have some Dementia, and i could be talking about two different things. Is't the play panel the description i gave in the first two letters above?


To be clear: what you describe was never called the play panel - it has always been called the mixer. The play panel is something else entirely.

Both have changed somewhere in appearance over the years, but the basic functionality of each has remained the same. The mixer remains the tool for doing all the things you mention, just as it was in MuseScore 2, and MuseScore 1 before that.

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